Shop For Medical Kits

Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine wants to provide you with products that we can “stand behind”.  For that reason we package our kits so that you can see what you are buying – quality components that will REALLY work in an emergency.

Purchase the kit components alone to put them into your “favourite” bag, or alternatively purchase a complete kit.  With all our years of experience in the back country we know how important it is that your kit is put together in a way that suits your needs and your available space.  So, with that in mind we provide you with all that you need to put together your own kit in your own way, rather than putting your kit together in our way.  Our clients seem to LOVE this concept!

Online Courses during COVID-19

OH&S has announced an extension for all certificates with expiry dates after March 17, 2020, for an undetermined amount of time.

RMAM has created an online platform to allow you to take advantage of this forced time away from others to complete the theory portion of our re-certification courses online, leaving only the practical skills portion for class once we have returned to some level of normalcy.

Already have a kit?

Top it up with specific items that our team of instructors have recommended from their years of being out in remote locations.

Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine Inc.  – Your Alberta specialist for medical supplies that work in the back country.