(Encompassing the requirements for Technical Rope Rescue as outlined in NFPA documents 1006 & 1670)

Personal / Partner Rope Rescue

Rope Safety TrainingThis is an intensive 20-hour program designed to give the climber, rescuer, SAR Professional or firefighter an understanding of personal rope skills that will enable you to become self-sufficient and perform basic rescue or retreat in a high angle environment should the need arise.  It will cover basic systems that will allow self-rescue and the potential rescue of a partner.

Topics covered include:

  • rope characteristics, construction and care
  • knots, hitches and bends
  • ascending a rope
  • descending a rope
  • anchor systems
  • belay options
  • rope physics and forces
  • pick off techniques
  • partner rescue

Team Concepts of Rope Rescue

This program begins with the basics of rope handling, then progresses to explore various rescue systems.  This is a suitable program for rescue teams, SAR Teams, fire departments or those that deal with fall protection and recovery systems.  The concepts that are presented are based on, and meet the standards and criteria of the NFPA.  The course will be customized to meet the needs of different teams or to topographical considerations or to work site locations and requirements.

This is an intensive 40 plus hour program that is taught over 5 consecutive days or can be split into 2 weekends… be prepared for long days and intensive learning!

Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine Inc. will customize its High Angle Rescue Course to meet the specific needs of your team.

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