ASA and Heart Attacks

You will notice that we include “chewable” ASA (acetyl salicylate acid), which is better known by its trade name Aspirin in our “Dave” line of kits. Why is this, you may ask. Remember that our kits are designed for backcountry or remote use, where help may be very delayed, or evacuation to a medical [...]

Baby… It’s Warm Outside, But it is Still Cold Enough To Get Hypothermia!

(Now there’s a catchy song lyric!) We often think the prime conditions for hypothermia are as cold and wet as possible. And though it’s true that if you jumped into freezing cold water, you’d get cold 25 times faster than in air at that same temperature, we see most cases of hypothermia at temperatures above [...]

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Survival essentials I hope you have in your winter backpack!

Photo Credit: Bryan Unruh The margin for error in the winter is a lot smaller. As such proper planning and preparation are essential to both successful and fun adventures. While many of these items should also be in your summer pack it is utmost essential that they have a home in your [...]

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Planning for Shoulder Season Trips – Risk management and the value of the B sides

“Looking for a perfect trip, must have sunshine every day, remote campsites with few other guests, spectacular scenery, no bugs, no bogs and lots of great hiking.” Because last year I lucked out and had this exact trip on the Dolomite circuit in late September, I now need one that will compete!  The problem is…September [...]

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